Our team of professional transcribers master voice -to -text, easily handling technical language and subject-specific vocabularies with vast and diversified experience in various industry sectors. Each transcriber transcribes and revises within the framework of a rigorous quality assurance process.

We offer these services on a national and international level through a team of fully qualified and experienced transcribers, all of whom are genuine experts in their field, working exclusively in their mother tongue, ensuring that transcribed documents read with accuracy and natural flow.

Quality Control

Quality assurance in transcription is key to our ongoing success. We pride ourselves on our internal team of project managers, who are assigned to specific clients, and manage every project for those clients.   R&R will dedicate a project manager who will lead the project team of transcribers. The project manager will be specifically assigned to this contract, and will address the vital objectives of reliability, standardization, and flexibility - objectives which become even more significant when providing services for ongoing, related ad-hoc requirements.  Our project manager is your familiar and consistent link to the transcription team and ensures the following quality control protocols:

Ø  All transcribed text reports go through three levels of revision by editors, proofreaders  in order to provide 100% accuracy;

Ø  As much as possible, the same transcription team is assigned to the same client;

Ø  Our hardware and software are regularly upgraded, allowing us to stay current with any software version requirements our clients may have.

In addition, we customize our approach in order to comply with each clients' existing quality standards. For each project, this includes the development of quality grids including the nature and priority level of each text, the size and makeup of the target audience, and any time or budget constraints.

Security & Confidentiality

Ensuring the privacy and security of our clients' data is of the highest priority. Our controls include a comprehensive enterprise security policy, including employee confidentiality and security acknowledgement statements in accordance with industry standards.

The Ultimate Team

R&R International's transcribers form a network of professionals, including experts with baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees in related fields. A variety of our transcribers are certified by their professional associations, and our team represents years of multidisciplinary experience in major Canadian or multinational corporations and reputable agencies.


Extensive knowledge of key sectors

  • ·         Telecommunications

    ·         Medicine/pharmaceuticals

    ·         Marketing

    ·         Administration

    ·         R&D

    ·         Finance / Financial Management

    ·         Agricultural programs

    ·         Technical documents (high tech and industry)

    ·         Legal

    ·         Web Site Content

    ·         Employment Insurance

    ·         Education and Continuous Learning

    ·         Intergovernmental Relations

    ·         Social Issues

    ·         Income Security, Labour and Employment

    ·         HR documentation

    ·         Contracts

    ·         Programme policies and guidelines

    ·         Economics



Marlie Rousso Marlie@rr-translations.com - Tel: 514-549-6789

Mireille Roffe Mireille@rr-translations.com - Tel: 416-716-6933


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